TEEF! Best Dental Health

It is More than bad Breath

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Dental disease starts silently below the gumline. Our product targets disease where it starts.
TEEF! is different from other dental care products. It empowers good bacteria + out-competes the bad bacteria for a naturally-balanced, healthier mouth.

  • Improves the oral microbiome
  • Promotes gum health
  • Stops bad breath
  • Teeth whitening

A fantastic easy daily dental care! Just add 1x scoop to water and it is absorbed by the dog while drinking.
Science Matters – We use only human-grade ingredients with years of proven efficacy and safety for people AND pets. These nutrients steer the behavior of oral bacteria toward more health-promoting behaviors to help balance the oral microbiome for a healthier mouth.

    Our TEEF! powder formulation for pets is called Protektin, a patented combination of 4 naturally safe, bioactive ingredients: Soluble Fiber, Amino Acid, Vitamin and Sodium Bicarbonate.

RRP 29.90€