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David Levy

David Levy

Owner of Pet Product Innovations

Pet Product Innovations, LLC was founded by serial entrepreneur David Levy, a 20-year veteran of the US pet industry and owner of top pet supply distribution firm Zeus & Company. David has brought more than 40 new pet product lines to market and nurtured countless others. They are based in Des Plaines, IL and focused on bringing to market innovative pet products that better the lives of pets and their owners. From the award-winning Zen Clipper to the #1 selling paw cleaner in world, Paw Plunger, or SmartLeash, the only patented retractable leash that stops like a seat belt, Pet Product Innovations, LLC is devoted to making a difference.

Award winner of the 2018 Pet Age icon Linkedin

Joseph EK

Inventor of Smart Leash

” SmartLeash solves the problem inherent in all other retractable leashes – the suddenly running dog. I invented SmartLeash for my Beagle mix Charlie, who would chase after anything and anyone. I loved the freedom a retractable gave us – allowing her to wander in the park but shortening the leash when needed.

If you’ve used a retractable you know that if the leash isn’t locked and you’re not instantly on the brake button, your pet can quickly move away from you. The patented automatic brake in SmartLeash solves this problem.

Keeping the safety of you and your best friend in mind, I put reflective yellow tape in every SmartLeash – no ropes, no dark colors. And every SmartLeash comes with a detachable wriststrap, which I really really recommend using all the time! “


Designers & Inventors

We regularly work with independent inventors to evaluate their ideas and help determine their potential for success in the pet industry.
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