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peranimal perry kollbrunner

Perry Kollbrunner
Senior Partner - Responsable for SOULMATE

Perry’s more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in herbal medicine, have gone into the development of the SoulMate range
All SoulMate products are composed according to scientific and hytotherapeutic criteria from organic Swiss herbal condensate and Alpine herbal extracts.
The unique manufacturing process is completely geared towards the promotion of “Anima”, i.e. vitality. Soulmate is also energized with quartz vibrations according to a scientific process. 
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SoulMate Nr.1 is a fantastic, certified and 100% organic calming spray for our pets.

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Peranimal Andreas Kempter

Andreas kempter

Andreas is a well known textile manufacturer for the development and implementation of textile innovations for customers. From Calida to his own brand Kempter7, he has left his mark all over the world.
His name stands for innovation and quality.
Together Andreas and PerAnimal developed the ComfortMate (the healthy, comfortable & hygienic solution for your pet to relax) and the EnergyReflector (the only cover in the world that supports the regeneration of your pet’s body).
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