Own Products

With over 20 Years of experience in product development and innovation, we successfully introduced products to the pet market that improve the life of our loving pets.

All PerAnimal products are unique.

SoulMate Nr.1 – Natural Calming Spray from medicinal plants for our pets

ComfortMate- the healthy, comfortable & hygienic solution for your pet to relax.

Energy Cover- the only cover in the world that helps your pet’s regeneration

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petppi peranimal

Devoted to making a difference

Focused on bringing to market innovative pet products that improve the lives of pets.

All products are multiple award-winning.


TEEF! – Dental health nr.1

ZenClipper – the safest Home nail clipper

PawPlunger – cleans gently and safe

SmartLeash – the self-retractable leash

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4cats peranimal

Best quality and safety for your house tiger

No matter whether big, small, old, young, pedigree or moggy, be it a lively predator or a quiet purrinator – 4cats cuddly toys are filled with either valerian or our specially developed catnip – your cat will find them irresistible

aikiou peranimal

Innovative Products

Aïkiou designs in house some of the coolest feeders and toys for pets.  They collaborate with veterinarians, zoos and animal behaviourists around the world to bring you new, innovative and entertaining pet feeders and toys you will not find anywhere else.