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Kathleen Desrosiers

Owner of AIKIOU


Created by Kathleen Desrosiers, a veterinarian technician 10 years ago, the Aïkiou feeder became the first pet puzzle feeder available in the market. With her husband succeeding her as president of the company, they still develop today new and innovative pet products.

First introduced by Aïkiou back in 2008, the Aïkiou dog interactive feeder is the first dog puzzle feeder invented. For 10 years, Aïkiou has been manufacturing high quality products for the pet industry.


Aïkiou designs in house some of the coolest feeders and toys for pets.  They collaborate with veterinarians, zoos and animal behaviourists around the world to bring you new, innovative and entertaining pet feeders and toys you will not find anywhere else.

Why Aïkiou?

Since it’s beginning, Aïkiou has demonstrated to create new and innovative pet products of the highest quality.  Their rigorous quality control makes it a brand we could trust and bring to our customers with trust and confidence.